Bassworx BA1200.1D Instruction Manual

Manual is about: Bassworx Stereo/Mono Bridgeable High Power Car Amplifier Instruction Manual

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    Please read this manual before installation and using amplifier high power car amplifier stereo/mono bridgeable instruction manual model : ba150.1 ba75.2 ba150.2 ba75.4 ba500.1d ba800.1d ba1200.1d.

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    1 congratulations on your purchase your new high fidelity bridgeable/stereo amplifier is designed to deliver maximum enjoyment and one year of trouble free service. Please take a few moments to read this manual thoroughly. It will explain the features and operation of your unit and help insure troub...

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    Precautions: read first! - be sure to mount the amplifier to a strong, solid surface which will not give way under the stress of a sudden stop or accident. - make sure that the mounting screws will not penetrate the gas tank, brake and fuel lines, wiring or other critical parts of your car when inst...

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    3 installation mounting: 1. After reading precaution, decide where you are going to install the unit. Also, see fig.1. 2. Once the location has been determined, place the amplifier in position. Using a felt tip pen or pencil mark the four holes to be drilled for mounting. Never use the amplifier as ...

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    4 input connections this amplifier will accept low level inputs. Low level is the same as line level or preempt level. Low level signal is carried through rca cables. It is preferred to use low level inputs to the amplifier if the head unit is equipped with the low level outputs. Low level/line inpu...

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    Low input power protect line output remocon level 6v 15hz 50hz 0.24v 45hz 250hz 0db 12db bass eq low pass subsonic filter l l r r phase 0 180 on off 5 1 channel system wiring diagram fig.2 a u t o -a n t e n n a l e a d car stereo head unit ch1 ch2 extend amplifier gnd rem +12v.

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    6 2 channel system wiring diagram fig.2 a u t o -a n t e n n a l e a d car stereo head unit ch1 ch2 extend amplifier gnd rem +12v.

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    7 fig.2 ch2 ch3 ch4 ch1 a u t o -a n t e n n a l e a d extend amplifier car stereo head unit 4 channel system wiring diagram gnd rem +12v.

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    8 slave line input on off l.P.F 50hz gain 6v 0.24v 15hz 250hz subsonic 50hz filter remocon phase 180° master slaver r l 0° mono channel system wiring diagram fig.2 a u t o -a n t e n n a l e a d car stereo head unit ch1 ch2 extend amplifier gnd rem +12v.

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    9 1 channel speaker wiring diagram 1 speaker bridged fig.3 speaker connections this amplifier can operate in either one, two or three channel mode. The minimum impedance for single channel (bridged/mono) operation is 4-8 ohms. There channel tri-power is referred to stereo and mono at the same time. ...

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    2 channel speaker wiring diagram 4-8 ohms woofer 2ch+1ch 2 ch 2-4 ohms 4-8 ohms 1 ch 4-8 ohms 2 ch 1 speaker bridged 1 ch 2 speaker stereo 1 ch 3 speaker tri mode fig.3 10

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    11 4 channel speaker wiring diagram 2-4 ohms 2-4 ohms sub woofer 3 ch 4-8 ohms 2 ch 1 ch 2 speaker + 1 subwoofer fig.3 2 speaker bridged 4-8 ohms 2 ch 1 ch 3 ch 2-4 ohms 2-4 ohms 4 ch 2 ch 1 ch 4 speaker stereo 3 ch 4-8 ohms 4-8 ohms 4-8 ohms 4-8 ohms 4 ch 2 ch 1 ch 6 speaker hex mode 6 ch 4-8 ohms ...

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    4ohm subwoofer 4ohm subwoofer 4ohm subwoofer 4ohm subwoofer in both diagrams, the amplifier sees a 2 ohm load. Mono channel speaker wiring diagram 12 bridged mono fig.3.

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    Front panel 4 channel 13 adjustments 1. Set to the "h.P.F" position when the amplifier is used to drive a tweeter/midrange system. The frequencies below the crossover point will be attenuated at 12db/octave. Permits adjustment of the crossover frequency ,by rotating the knob to select any frequency ...

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    14 trouble shooting the system we have put together this trouble-shooting guide if you experience problems after installing the amplifier. Please keep in mind that the majority of problems incurred are caused by improper installation and not the equipment itself. In addition, there are many componen...

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    15hz-45hz specification note : specifications & design subject to change without notice for improvements. Amplifier ba75.2 ba800.1d ba500.1d ba1200.1d ba150.2 ba75.4 dimensions (w x h x d) mm fuse rating input impedance operation voltage (negative ground) speaker impedance @ stereo driven 4 ohms @ 0...