Gadget Geek DIVA112 Quick Install Manual

Summary of DIVA112

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    1 v q vhs to quick ins mode dvd m stallation el # diva1 maker guide 112.

  • Page 2: Congratulations

    2 congratulations congratulations on your purchase of the gadget geek vhs to dvd movie maker. Now you can record all your favourite video clips off your video camera, vhs recorder or other device that contains video clips. This will enable you to edit them, and then burn them to dvd discs, upload th...

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    3 we have taken great care to deliver you with the high quality product. Please read this manual carefully before you commence to ensure a smooth installation. We trust you will enjoy this product, happy editing! Gadget geek also has a new website that will have driver updates, downloads and faq’s w...

  • Page 4: Contents

    4 contents usb extension (20cm) cable av/s‐video cable gadget geek vhs to dvd movie maker software driver cd (arcsoft showbiz dvd2 + media converter) quick installation guide connection reference.

  • Page 5: Specifications

    5 specifications interface usb 2.0 video input composite (yellow) s-video (black) video resolution ntsc: 720 x 480 @ 30 fps pal: 720 x 576 @ 25 fps audio input rca jack l(white)/r(red) dimension 78 x 30 x 20 mm (l x w x h).

  • Page 6: Driver Installation

    6 driver installation step 1: insert the driver & software cd into your cd/dvd rom drive. The following screen will appear: if the “auto run” menu does not automatically appear, click on “my computer”/ “computer”, then right click on the cd/dvd rom drive icon and select “auto play”. Step 2: select t...

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    7 step 3: when the driver installation is complete, the computer will prompt you to ‘restart’. Select “yes, i want to restart my computer now”..

  • Page 8: Software Installation

    8 software installation step 4: after your computer has restarted, it will now be necessary to install the ‘showbiz dvd2” software before you can start to use the device. To do this, go to “computer/my computer”, double click on the cd/dvd rom drive icon. The following screen will appear. You can al...

  • Page 9: Using Arcsoft Showbiz 2

    9 step 5: after successful driver and software installation, connect the dvd maker to the computer’s usb port and then you can start to use the device . Step 6: plug in the dvd maker into an available usb port on your computer (use the usb extension cable to make this process easier). Using arcsoft ...

  • Page 10: Step 2:

    10 step 2: choose “capture, create, or edit videos”. Step 3: choose “capture from device” to capture video clips from device..

  • Page 11: Step 4:

    11 step 4: ensure that video device is “usb 2863 device” and the audio device is “wdm 2863 audio”. When this is complete, you are ready to start recording and editing. Please note: if the s‐video connector is used, you must select the “s‐video” option under “input” in the capture options. Please not...

  • Page 12: Using The Media Converter

    12 using the media converter the arcsoft media converter allows you to convert videos that you have captured with the dvd maker so you can upload to youtube or transfer to portable devices such as your mobile phone, psp and ipod. Below is a simple overview of how to get started. For full operational...

  • Page 13: Step 2:

    13 step 2: select “add file” to add the file you would like to convert. You can set up the file format from the left hand side of the screen (see “notes on formats” below). Select the folder where you would like to save the file and click “start” to complete file conversion. Notes on formats you can...

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    15 how to upload files to youtube media converter can convert your files directly into the youtube format and upload onto the “youtube” website. For instructions on how to setup youtube account, convert file formats, and upload to the website please refer to the media converter help files or the man...

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    16 you will be prompted to the screen below with language options. Choose ‘english’..

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    17 double click the below icon to activate the user manual for arcsoft showbiz dvd2. For the media converter manual please click on the “media converter” icon instead. You will now be able to access all the help files contained in the manual from the cd. Please note: the manual is in the adobe acrob...

  • Page 18: Snapsh

    18 snapsh please not arcsoft sho showbiz c editing, bu with only o the picture refer to the step 1: press the re step 2: when the s captured im hot featur te: the snaps owbiz dvd2. An not only s t also has the one click away, es and save th e simple steps t ed snapshot bu snapshot butto mages and di...

  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    19 modify the images to achieve the desirable effects. Troubleshooting my computer won’t recognize the usb maker. Solution: check that the usb host you are using is compatible with usb 2.0 devices. Some usb host slots can only read usb 1.1, however most modern types will read both. Failing this, you...

  • Page 20: Solution:

    20 installation, refer to the instruction manual of the usb device or contact the manufacturer for further information.) the connector cant reach the port in some cases, the connector of the usb device won’t reach into the usb port for various reasons. One of these may be because you have something ...

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    21 video recorder tab, then under “video standard” select a suitable standard such as “pal_b” for australia/nz. Please remember to check out our new site for products, driver updates, faq’s and manuals as well as other information to help with your product: www.Gadgetgeek.Biz.