JalvaTV SET-TOP Easy Setup User Manual

Summary of SET-TOP

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    Easy setup user guide www.Jalvatv.Com.

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    Easy setup user guide package contents jalvatv view jalvatv(front) jalvatv(back) www.Jalvatv.Com hdmi cable ethernet cable power cable rca cable jalva tv remote with battery jalva tv.

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    Easy setup user guide step 1: connecting the audio & video step 2: connecting the power www.Jalvatv.Com step 3: connecting the router hdmi rca wall outlet power tv router wireless usb device ethernet jalva tv jalva tv.

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    Easy setup user guide www.Jalvatv.Com -f a q - i can’t see the jalvatv startup screen or menu? Make sure that the tv input is set to the port where the jalvatv video cable is connected. Do i need a router, and which one? A router is needed when you want to connect more than one device (pc and jalvat...

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    Easy setup user guide www.Jalvatv.Com -f a q - while running the network wizard i am getting downlink speed as 0.0 mbps? Make sure that firewall/filters are disabled in your router. How do i get the best signal from my remote? Keep the jalvatv in line with the remote for good reception of the remote...

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    Volume down easy setup user guide www.Jalvatv.Com on/off file information back home channel up channel down volume up skip forward skip rewind favorite search delete zoom select/play stop mute.