Kurt CT430 Installation & Operation Manual

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    Model: dl640 dl430 ct640 ct430 installation & operation guide p/n dl640-95, rev c.

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    1 kurt industrial products o verview of "640, 430" vises the new doublelock vises from kurt include improvements that simplify its operations. Please read this entire instruction manual to fully understand the new features of the doublelock vise. You will find modifications have been made that are d...

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    2 4. New chip guard system- the center clamping area is fully covered 100% of the time. Note: the stationary chip guard may need to be removed when the vise is used with the optional conversion kit. See conversion kit assemble section. 5. New locating hole patterns- the clamp down mounting holes tha...

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    3 double lock installation and mounting instructions installation the kurt doublelock vise offers two clamping stations. This vise is ideal for clamping parts of the same size or dissimilar size, and can perform first and secondary operations simultaneously. It is packaged to prevent any damage to i...

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    5 holding block pre-load setup *pre-load parts. (* is defined as ability to clamp one part first with limited pressure before second part is installed.) caution: pre-load places only enough spring pressure to hold one part and are not intended to clamp part for machining. Both stations must be clamp...

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    6 front jaw rear jaw front jaw front jaw rear jaw rear jaw this setup will always clamp front part first . Once set it will release rear part first. This setup will always clamp rear part first . Once set it will release front part first..

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    7 pre-load rangeadjustment nut refer to sketch below for direction of adjustment to remove pre-load range (reducing the amount of turns of the handle when clamping or unclamping parts). 1. Loosen but do not remove the (socket head set screw) on top of holding block. 2. With the use of a spanner wren...

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    Dlc640-inst. 8 04/26/00 rev 1 conversion kit assemble - dl640, dlm640 / dl430, dlm430 refer to conversion kit sketch on this page for setup preference. Caution use caution when handing chip guard material. Edges and corners are sharp and may cause personal injury if not handled properly. 1. Before b...

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    9 general cleaning/maintenance procedure 6/18/98 rev 1 doublelock model # dl640, ct640, dl430, ct430 (metric included) to assure proper usage and continuous service of your doublelock vise, it is important to regularly clean any material build up that may have occured. Little or no maintenance could...

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    10 2. Before placing the (2) movable jaws over the nuts make sure the segments are in the inside cavity using grease to hold them in place and for lubrication. 3. Spread a small amount of oil to the bed of the vise where the moveable jaws will be installed. 4. Place the movable jaw starting with the...

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    Dl430 11.

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    Dl640 12.

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    13 precautions when using the doublelock vise in production, remember the following points: • never use this vise as a self centering vise. • see figure #3, page 14. Never clamp parts opposite from each other. • always clamp directly across from each other or use a spacer to even clamping pressure p...

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    15 customer service for additional information or question about your vise, please contact kurt manufacturing at 1-800-328-2565 between the hours of 7:30 a.M. And 4:30 p.M. Central standard time. Replacement parts contact your kurt manufacturing representative for a complete list of doublelock repla...

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    Revision history revision a july 1998 copyright 1998 kurt manufacturing this document is confidential and is the property of kurt manufacturing. It may not be copied or reproduced in any way without the express written consent of kurt manufacturing. Kurt manufacturing intends to and is maintaining t...