National Garden Wholesale EZ Sprayer User Manual

Manual is about: Rechargeable Battery Powered Sprayer

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    Ez sprayer rechargeable battery powered sprayer tm.

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    Overview page1 components page1 features page1 technicalinformation page3 operatinginstructions page3 operatingnotes page4 componentdiagram&partslist page5 troubleshooting page7 table of contents thank you for purchasing ez sprayer™. Please familiarize yourself with the ez sprayer user manual for pr...

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    Overview 4 gallon battery-powered backpack/floor use ez sprayer™ is designed to withstand the most demanding spraying needs. This heavy duty european-designed sprayer is safe, easy-to- operate & incorporates shoulder straps for use as a backpack sprayer. This sprayer is ideal for applying liquid fer...

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    W technical information type: backpack or floor use size: 21.6”high x 15”wide x 7.5”deep net weight: 16.75 lbs. Holding tank capacity: 4 gallons pump: mini diaphragm pump battery: 12v charger: input~ ac110-240v, 50/60hz output~ dc12v, 2a max pressure: 0.4-0.45mpa operating instructions be sure to fu...

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    Operating notes 1. Charge the battery until the charger’s green/“charged” light comes on indicat- ing that the battery is fully charged. 2. Never operate the sprayer without liquid in it or it may damage the diaphragm. 3. In case of humming sound from inside the sprayer or poor atomization after lon...

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    Component diagram & parts list y.

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    Z # description qty # description qty # description qty 1 nut for nozzle 1 22 cover of opening 1 43 holding tank 1 2 conical mist spray sheet 1 23 sleeve of tube 1 44 strip clamp 2 3 splitting sheet 1 24 rubber tube 1 45 shoulder strap 2 4 gasket ring for nozzle 1 25 castor 4 46 shoulder strap cushi...

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    { troubleshooting problems causes solutions motor fails to start after being powered on. • power cable disconnected. • battery is not charged. • damaged power switch. • dismantle base to reconnect cables • charge battery. • replace switch. Abnormal motor sound. • fastening screws of pump are loose. ...

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    Troubleshooting tip if the unit functions properly then just stops spraying, you probably have an air bubble in the unit. This is simple to fix. Remove the lid and reach your hand inside the unit through the top 5” mouth. Remove the silver screen filter off of the bottom of the unit by gently pullin...

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