Q-Tec 760C Installation & User Manual

Manual is about: Stand Alone Copy Box

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    760c stand alone copy box p/n: 13337 installation & user’s guide q-tec 760c stand alone copy box please read this manual before operating the device.

  • Page 2: Warning!

    Warning! Cd-backup is only used for backup and editing personal data. The backup disk made from cd-backup that licence is belonged to the author or company licenced. Any unauthorized copying, editing or saling is strictly prohibited. We discourage our customers to do so and any such action give rise...

  • Page 3: Catalogue

    1. Parts of the package 1 2. Installation 2 3. Exterior layout 8 4. Main features 9 5. Operating instruction 12 5.1 copy disc 13 5.2 test copy disc 13 5.3 raw copy disc 13 5.4 quick erase disc 14 5.5 full erase disc 14 5.6 update bios 14 catalogue.

  • Page 4: 1  Parts Of The Package

    1 1 parts of the package visually check the package before open. If there is any physical damage, please contact your local dealer. A complete unit contains as following items: no. Description quantity 1 external box 1 2 user manual 1 3 ide flat cable 1 4 cd-backup controller 1 5 power cord 1 6 scre...

  • Page 5: 2  Installation

    2 2 installation 2.1 to loose the three screws from the back panel and remove the top cover of external case. 2.2 remove the label of pad. Screw label.

  • Page 6: “Master”

    3 2.3 set cd-rom and cd-r/rw to “master” position. (please refer to your cd-rom/r/rw drive’s user manual) 2.4 place cd-r/rw drive into lower drive bay of external case and screw up the device. Master.

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    4 2.5 connect ide flat cable and 4-pin dc power wire to cd-r/rw. 2.6 place cd-rom drive into upper drive bay of external case and screw up the device. Ide cable 4-pin dc power wire.

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    5 2.7 connect 4-pin dc power wire and install the cd-backup controller to cd-rom. 2.8 connect ide flat cable of cd-r/rw drive to cd-backup controller. Connect 4-pin dc power wire to cd-backup controller. 4-pin dc power wire ide cable 4-pin dc power wire cd-backup controller.

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    6 2.9 connect switch wire and 3 led wires to “jp4” connector of cd-backup controller. Switch wire black brown black red black green.

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    7 2.10 fix the top cover back with screws. Plug power cord into backside’s power connector. Power cord.

  • Page 11: 3  Exterior Layout

    8 3 exterior layout 1. Cd-rom 5. Function switch 2. Cd-r/rw 6. Power switch 3. State led 7. Ac inlet 4. Power led 1 2 3 4 5 7 6.

  • Page 12: 4  Main Features

    9 4 main features cd-backup specifications are as following: 4.1 easy to operate you can start to backup your cd by applying household power. 4.2 support raw mode copy cd-backup provides a flawless function for backup all format of compact disks, even than protected ones, with excellent accuracy. 4....

  • Page 13: Brand Model

    10 ☆ actuality tested cd-rw list ☆ brand model speed (r/rw/read) support raw mode support max speed aopen crw1232a 12/10/32 yes 12x aopen crw1632 16/10/32 yes 16x aopen crw2440 24/10/40 yes 24x aopen crw3248 32/12/48 yes 32x aopen crw4048 40/12/48 yes 40x asus crw-1610a 16/10/40 yes 16x asus crw-321...

  • Page 14: Brand Model

    11 ☆ actuality tested cd-rw list ☆ brand model speed (r/rw/read) support raw mode support max speed philips cdd4801 8/4/32 yes 8x philips cdd4851 12/8/32 yes 12x panasonic cw-7585-b 8/4/32 no 8x panasonic cw-7586 8/4/32 no 8x ricoh mp7080a 8/4/32 yes 8x ricoh mp7125a 12/10/32 yes 12x sony crx140e 8/...

  • Page 15: 5  Operating Instruction

    12 5 operating instruction led display for selection function: led display function green power on & duplication error code amber copy disc & quick erase disc red test copy disc amber & red raw copy disc & full erase disc the users can push ʺfunction switchʺ on the front panel to change each functio...

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    13 all main functions are described as followed: 5.1 copy disc we strongly recommend you to choose this function to make a cd-to-cd duplication. With this function, it can backup exactly the same cd as the source disk, with excellent accuracy. 5.2 test copy disc to simulate the copying process of cd...

  • Page 17: Do Not Press

    14 5.4 quick erase disc it’s a kind of method to quick erase file head. It just likes blank, but not real. Relative to full erase, it can reduce half process time. The function is used for cd-rw discs only. 5.5 full erase disc complete erase. It will erase all data on the cd. The function is used fo...

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    Declaration of conformity we, the manufacturer / importer q-tec daltonstraat 65 3316 gd dordrecht the netherlands declare that the product kind of product : accessory type designation : q-tec 760c stand alone copybox is herewith confirmed to comply with the requirements set in the council directive ...