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    To order visit www.Magnifyingaids.Com or call 1-727-526-2020 magnifying aids, inc. 4760 east bay drive ste. E clearwater, fl 33764 phone: 727-526-2020 toll: 1-866-691-2450 fax: 727-531-7224 portable video magnifier user’s manual.

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    Precautions please read this manual carefully to ensure safe and proper use of the product. ! Important negligent use or misuse of the product may cause a fire, personal injury or serious damage. ㆍdo not use damaged power plug or unsuitable outlet to prevent electronic shock or fire. ㆍdo not touch p...

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    Precautions ㆍafter six(6) months usage, the lifespan of the battery may be shortened. ㆍkeep the product out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. The display ( ⑰ ) may not work properly. The recommended operating temperature is between 0 ℃ ~35 ℃ (32 ℉ ~95 ℉ ). 2 c&p.

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    Contents 1. Package ..................................................................................................................................... 4 2. Instructions before use ........................................................................................................ 15 3. Config...

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    1. Package thank you very much for choosing the i-loview 7(700z). Please check for the following items in the i-loview 7(700z) package : (1) portable magnifier i-loview 7(700z) (2) sd card (3) power adapter (4) carrying pouch (5) user’s manual (6) microfiber cloth for cleaning the display 4 c&p.

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    2. Instructions before use (1) the battery must be fully charged for approximately 4 hours prior to the initial use. Please connect the supplied power adapter to the dc input jack to charge the battery. (2) remove the lcd protection film before using the unit. (3) be careful not to allow foreign mat...

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    3. Configuration ⑯ ⑰ ② ③ ⑦ ④ ⑥ ① ⑩ ⑫ ⑪ 6 c&p.

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    3. Configuration ⑭ ⑬ ⑤ ⑮ ⑧ ⑨ c&p 7.

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    3. Configuration ① power on/off button ㆍpower on : to turn on the unit, press the button for 3 seconds or more. ㆍpower off : to turn off the unit, press the button for 3 seconds or more again with the power on state. ㆍif you experience an operation error or malfunction, press the button for 6 second...

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    3. Configuration ④ color mode button the image on the screen can be viewed in six(6) color modes : ㆍnatural color mode ㆍwhite text on black background mode ㆍblack text on white background mode ㆍblue text on yellow background mode ㆍyellow text on blue background mode ㆍyellow text on black background ...

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    3. Configuration ⑥ snap shot button briefly press the button and the image on the screen will freeze. You can then zoom in/out on the still image and adjust its color and screen brightness. Press the button again screen will unfreeze. ⑦ jog button you can move the jog button to the left, right, up o...

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    3. Configuration ⑧ sd card slot used to save images and transfer image files to other devices. ⑨ hdmi out terminal you can connect to your i-loview 7 to a tv or computer monitor. On the hdmi out mode support only magnification level increases, decreases and screen freeze. ⑩ ear phone jack ⑪ dc jack ...

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    3. Configuration ⑭ led lights ⑮ leg when you place the unit on the reading material, unfold the leg. ⑯ speaker ⑰ lcd screen 12 c&p.

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    4. Hot keys & features (1) sound on/off you can turn the sound on/off by pressing and holding down the zoom ⊕ button and color mode button for 3 seconds or more. (2) battery status the status of the remaining battery power is not normally displayed, but the indicator shows up when the battery power ...

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    3. Configuration (4) factory reset if you press and hold the jog button up and color mode button simultaneously for 5 seconds or more, you can reset the unit to the factory defaults . (5) power saving mode if you leave the unit turned on and unused for 3 minutes, it automatically goes into the power...

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    4. Hot keys & features playback playback photo : this allows you to display the images stored on the sd card. You can view other images by moving the jog button left or right. Also in the playback photo mode, you can zoom in/out the images and adjust their colors and screen brightness level. Pressin...

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    3. Configuration no yes press down the jog button one more time to confirm it. If you do not want to delete the image one the screen you can select [no] by moving the jog button left or right and press the jog button enter to confirm. 16 c&p.

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    4. Hot keys & features screen brightness 3 screen brightness : this allows you to adjust the screen brightness. There are five(5) different levels. C&p 17.

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    3. Configuration led light on led light : this allows you to on/off the led light. 18 c&p.

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    4. Hot keys & features sound volume 3 sound volume : this allows you to adjust the sound volume. There are five(5) different levels. C&p 19.

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    4. Hot keys & features personal settings save personal settings : if you select [save] you can save your personal settings for color mode, screen brightness, led light status and sound volume. You can select the [return] to return to the saved personal settings. 20 c&p.

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    5. Technical specifications magnification rate 0.3x ~ 275x( including digital zoom in a snap shot image ) natural color mode white text on black background mode black text on white background mode blue text on yellow background mode yellow text on blue background mode yellow text on black background...

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    5. Technical specifications this unit is an emc-registered device that can be used anywhere including residential areas. ㆍfcc part 15 class b ㆍcispr 22 class b this device bears the fcc and ce approval mark information on disposal in other countries outside the european union these symbols are only ...

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    6. Warranty (1) the warranty term is for one(1) year, except for the battery which is warranted for six(6) months. (2) the warranty does not cover any product problems caused due to misuse or neglect. C&p 23.

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    Memo 24 c&p.

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